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Maggy-Pierre PELISSIER was born in 1953 in Tlemcen, Algeria.

She moved to France with her family when she was 7 years old escaping the Independence war of Algeria in 1960.

She grew up in Grenoble where she studied business administration. Her heart was already inclined to art and literature.

Maggy made her first steps as an artist at the Art School in Grenoble at  "l’Academie des Beaux Arts".

She was involved in several art and education programs in the booming city of Grenoble, “The Villeneuve Project”.

She moved to California in 1986 with her three children. While raising her family, her passion for art was asleep.

In 1993, Maggy returned to school attending the De Anza college in Cupertino, CA and continued to study Art avidly. Including all matters related to art were a perfect reason to learn: drawing, colors, furniture design, clothe design and more.

In 1993, she earned the De Anza College student Art Exhibition – Euphrat Museum of art – Clara Fitzgerald Memorial Award. 

While teaching art  at  several schools in the “Silicon Valley”, she completed a Bachelor in Illustration at the Academy of Art of San Francisco.

Soon after, she was hired by the International School of Palo Alto to teach Art. What a journey ! During those seven years, teaching and learning through teaching, Maggy indulged her two loves :  children and art, she inspired and guided hundred of students to express themselves through art. She wanted them to study and work hard to reach their dreams. She is still in touch with many of them.

Maggy has a passion for cultures of different sources and travels frequently abroad. You can see in her work that her inspiration is influenced by different aesthetics and values as she reflects and learn from those countries afar.  


2007 – first illustration for the book written by Vinita Sud Belani – the Heartless Crocodile

2011 – second illustration for the book written by Ladan Miranz – Ella’s Enchanted World


2009 – Anam Cara Art Gallery – Woman as Geisha 

2016 – The Conference of the birds – Presentation of a collection of birds based on the Persian epic by Farid ud-Din Atlar –Creative and theatrical Vinita Belani

At the moment, Maggy-Pierre is working on a new book that she expects to release in 2019.

She exposes her creations on this web site as well as her two studios Upstate New York and in South Carolina on Hilton Head Island. 

Maggy-Pierre: Resume
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